Below you can view stories that I have written as a part of my journalism coursework. I will continue to update this section as I progress in my journalism classes.

UGA Chapel

Standing tall 184 years after it was first built, The University of Georgia Chapel has stood the test of time. Though the university has changed exponentially over the centuries, the chapel has remained one of the campus’ most notable landmarks. Built in 1832 for a total of $15,000, the chapel was constructed in order to … More UGA Chapel

Women’s Health

Women are not powerless. This point was explored during a speech hosted Friday by The University of Georgia’s Institute for Women’s Studies. Dr. Katie Darby Hein, professor of public health, lead the audience of mostly UGA undergraduate students through a broad discussion regarding women’s health issues; however, she centered her discussion around a present injustice. … More Women’s Health

Famous UGA Football Barn Sign

Trust the process. This is just one of many messages that have been painted on the side of a barn in Washington County, a barn that has since become a landmark for the Bulldog nation. Sixteen years ago, Ross Smith, originally from Tennille and resident Barn Sign artist, along with some friends painted a message … More Famous UGA Football Barn Sign