Meet Me

Hi again! Let me just say once more that I am SO glad you found yourself on my site.

Thank you for taking a little bit of time out of your day to check out my work. Here, you will discover a bit more about me as well as the work that I am doing during my time in Athens.

After some encouragement, I discovered that I really feel led to share with people what is on my heart. So, my first goal for this site is that through my personal blog posts you will find some encouragement, a good laugh, or maybe both.

Additionally, I am using this as a platform to showcase other work I have completed both in the journalism and communication studies fields.

I really love to write, and my ultimate hope is that you will enjoy what you read.

A few more things you must know about me: I love to laugh because life would be so boring without laughter || I absolutely, positively cannot live without chocolate || My grandparents are my favorite people || and my life changed when I met Jesus.

Please reach out to me anytime at or at 404-409-5566.