Be selfish.

This post is dedicated to Kody. Happy Birthday. I love you! –Mars.

Be selfish. It is not often that we hear this, but I believe there is a time to be selfish and a time to be selfless. It does not always have to be one or the other. So, when is a good time to be selfish? I say on your birthday.

Relish the opportunity that your birthday affords you to honor yourself.

Over the years, my birthdays were times that I truly recall as being some of my fondest memories. In considering these times, I have formulated a few tips I believe are key to having a successful birthday.

Have fun: It is your birthday after all, so you should have fun. Do something that you enjoy. Find a way to put a grin on your face, one that makes your cheeks hurt at the end of the day from smiling so big. You deserve a time to let loose and live in a joyous moment. Make sure that at the very least you are having fun.

Surround yourself with fun people: It is hard to have fun if you are not with fun people. Let your friends and family celebrate you because you deserve to be doted on. You are allowed to let people be catalysts for fun. Spend time with those who will advocate for you and help you enjoy your day.

Spend time reflecting: Set aside some moments to consider the milestone that it is to enter a new season of life, a new year of living. You are not guaranteed a single day, and you are surely not guaranteed a new year ahead. It is important to meditate on the defeats and victories and further examine what lies ahead as you walk into a new year.

Be positive: Birthdays are blessings. They are outpourings of grace. You are not owed an opportunity to see a new year, so the ability to celebrate a birthday should have you overflowing with positivity and thankfulness. Be excited that you have a new year to reach new potential. This is the beginning of a time to grow, learn, and engage in new opportunities.

There is a reason we tell people Happy Birthday. I have never wished someone a “sad” birthday. I hope that your birthdays will continue to be times that you associate with happiness. I pray your birthday will be a time where you feel special.

Do not be afraid to begin cherishing yourself. And at the very least, consider allowing your birthday to be a time where you celebrate yourself. Celebrate that you are a unique addition to this world simply because you were born.


One thought on “Be selfish.

  1. Oh I love birthday s mine and everybody else’s I love to celebrate the ones I love to let them know how much I cherish them in my life we are all on this Journey called life let’s have a big ole smile on are faces and Thank God everyday for another one and I want a big piece of 🎂Love ❤️ you marlee

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