Welcome to Waffle House!

You are probably wondering how the heck I am going to write an entire post about Waffle House. I was wondering the same thing myself when the idea popped into my head. Nonetheless, I got the idea, and I’m going to run with it [or “write” with it].

I love Waffle House, and I would venture to say that most of you do too because it is truly a staple in the south. According to a 2014 article in The Huffington Post, there are 132 Waffle House locations in Atlanta. The city with the next highest amount of locations is Cartersville with a total of 45 locations as compared to Atlanta. The article is a very interesting read, and I encourage you to check it out here, once you finish reading my post of course.

So aside from the fact that there are so many Waffle House locations, why is it that I am only one of so many who truly love eating at Waffle House? I think there are quite a few reasons. The food is delicious, the servers are kind, it is a good pick me up, and it is memorable. Let me explain.

The food is delicious. Do I even have to explain this? From eggs and hash browns, to bacon and sausage, to their famous waffles, you cannot go wrong with what you order. More than just its taste, the food is made “for you.” You can get your hash browns plain or if you are feeling fancy: scattered, smothered, covered, chunked, diced, peppered, capped, topped, and/or country. Whenever I go, I am known for ordering a waffle that is “crispy, but not burnt.” Guess what I get nine times out of 10? A crispy but not burnt waffle.

The servers are kind. It could be because they are servers in the south, but it is rare to not be served at Waffle House by a kind waitress. They bring you extra apple butter for your toast and extra cream for your coffee. If you’re a regular, they get to know you. They greet you by name and ask about your family. They truly do serve you well.

It is a good pick me up. Whether you slept in and are craving a good brunch or you stayed up late and are in need of a midnight snack, Waffle House is there for you. It is the “go to place” after a concert, a long day at Six Flags, or a Friday night football game. And when you are sad and in need of some comfort food, you can count on a chocolate chip waffle to cheer you up.

It is memorable. I believe this is what I love about Waffle House the most. It has given me wonderful memories over the years. During my senior year in high school, I met my friend Taylor at Waffle House every Friday morning for breakfast. This is a distinct memory from high school that I will not forget. When I was little, after sleeping in on a Saturday morning, my mom, dad, and I would go to Waffle House. My dad always ordered a tomato juice and water to drink. By far, the most memorable times I have spent at Waffle House were with my grandparents. They are the people who introduced me to Waffle House. They would go for the coffee, and I would go for the food. I remember wanting to order a waffle and my Pawpaw saying, “Sugar, you can’t eat the whole thing by yourself.” But my Grandma would pipe in, “Just let her order it.” And she would finish it off for me every time. We always went to the same location, and we were greeted by Ms. Lucy. Lastly, Waffle House was our meeting spot. After a weekend spent in Atlanta with my grandparents, my mom would pick me up, but not before we finished a meal at Waffle House.

Waffle House is a tradition in the south, a tradition in my family, and a tradition that I will continue to uphold. It just can’t be beat.

Xoxo, Marlee

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