Glory, glory to old Georgia!

Glory, glory to old Georgia! Glory, glory to old Georgia! Glory, glory to old Georgia! G-E-O-R-G-I-A! This is one of the first rally cries that I learned at The University of Georgia, and it is one that I have sung many times since.

This week, I was working on a story for UGAzine, a magazine I am writing for on campus, about the history of UGA and why people fall in love with it. I interviewed several people, and after talking to them and formulating a story based on what they said, it had me thinking about myself.

What is it about UGA and its history that made me fall in love? Why am I so grateful to attend such a wonderful university, and why will I be so proud to one day say that I am an alumna of the Bulldog Nation?

There are obviously so many aspects of UGA and the Athens area that I love, but I thought I would highlight just a few that I feel really speak to why I am so thankful to be a bulldog.

The Campus: From the first time I ever toured UGA’s campus as a junior in high school, I was confident that I wanted to attend school here. The campus is so beautiful. Although huge and somewhat daunting, walking it every day for two years has allowed me to appreciate its beauty. North campus especially is so peaceful, and one of my favorite spots is Herty Field and the fountain. Also, the trees that tower Sanford Drive on the way towards South Campus are so bright and colorful in the fall. It truly is breathtaking.

The Spirit: Sanford Stadium sits right in the center of campus. It quite literally is the heartbeat of campus, and the spirit only exudes from it. It always excites me to pass the stadium on my way to class knowing that some of my fondest memories have been made in those bleacher seats. This excitement cannot even compare to the thrill that accompanies a Saturday in Athens. It is hard to truly describe what it is like to cheer on the Dawgs with 90,000 plus people who instantly feel like your closest friends. Whether you are pouring sweat or freezing your butt off, it is impossible not to find someone in the stadium with a smile on their face, unless of course the Dawgs are losing.

The City: Aside from UGA, Athens is a fun place to live. Home to some of the best restaurants I have ever eaten at, some memories that I cherish the most are those where I ate with Kody at obscure restaurants or shopped with my mom downtown.

The History: After conducting much research for my article and talking to intelligent historians, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t fall in love with UGA a little bit more after learning about its history. It is an honor to know that even as one student, I am a part of the over 200-year history of this amazing university.

The Opportunities: So many opportunities have been afforded to me simply by being here. I have been able to travel to other parts of the world, write in several capacities and strengthen my skills, learn about things I am passionate about, give back to the community, and meet lifelong friends.

I have sincerely loved every minute of my two years in Athens, and I am so thankful that my dreams are coming true day by day simply as a result of attending UGA. I can only imagine what I will have to look back on as I finish out my last two years. Go Dawgs!

Xoxo, Marlee


4 thoughts on “Glory, glory to old Georgia!

  1. Another wonderful read so glad you chose Athens Ga to go to school you make us proud every day and give me a reason to say Go Dawgs even more 😘❤️🏈👍 Go Dawgs 🙌🙌

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